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Made in China and all countries in the world together

Made in China and all countries in the world together

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"Made in China 2025" is the first 10-year program of action for implementing the strategy of building a strong nation in our country.
"Made in China 2025" is the first 10-year program of action for implementing the strategy of building a strong nation in our country. China adheres to the concept of open development and win-win cooperation and takes the initiative to meet the manufacturing industry development strategies of all countries in the world and injects new impetus into the global manufacturing industry Powerful. On November 7, at the roundtable discussion on the "Made in China 2025" International Cooperation Forum during the 19th China International Exposition, Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology, pointed out that it is only through real development and sustainable development that all countries in the world should develop together It is a good development. To achieve this goal, we must uphold the concept of open cooperation and mutual benefits. The "Made in China 2025" has been going smoothly for more than two years and has achieved positive results, playing an important role in stabilizing China's economic growth and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. In the "Made in China 2025" implementation process, China's relevant policies and measures have the same treatment of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, and welcome enterprises of all countries to continue to participate in the building of a powerful nation in manufacturing in China so as to achieve win-win cooperation.
Promote international cooperation in manufacturing industry
The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to build a modern economic system, speed up the building of a powerful manufacturing powerhouse, speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industries, and promote our industry toward the mid-high end of the world's global value chain and foster a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters . In such a process, our country will adhere to the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, promote the formation of a new pattern of opening up to the outside world and promote the building of an open world economy.
Miao Wei pointed out that a new round of industrial revolution and industrial reform are booming and have profound repercussions on the technical form, organizational form and management mode of manufacturing industries. An important feature of this change is to further strengthen open sharing. This is in line with the concept of developing China that has always advocated the building of a community of human destinies and the economic globalization toward a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win situation. The five major development concepts of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing" upheld by our country are exactly the concrete manifestation of this concept.
Miao Wei said that further strengthening openness and sharing is one of the important features of the new round of industrial revolution and industrial transformation. Promoting international cooperation in manufacturing industry is an important part of implementing "Made in China 2025". MIIT actively utilized various multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanisms, strengthened international exchanges and cooperation and conducted manufacturing exchanges with the United States, Germany and France and other countries in various fields such as strategic docking, standard setting, park construction and high-end equipment innovation. , Many examples of Sino-foreign cooperation emerged, making an important contribution to the implementation of "Made in China 2025".
In advancing the implementation of "Made in China 2025", our country has been adhering to the concept of open development and win-win cooperation and has created a favorable environment for pragmatic cooperation among enterprises in various countries. Koman, senior vice president of SAP in Germany, believes that "Made in China 2025" is not a short race, it should be a marathon and there are challenges in the future. However, we are willing to accept this challenge both from SAP's point of view and from the perspective of German industry and hopefully we can make even greater contributions in the future in terms of system integration, security, data fusion and reference architectures.
Create a green manufacturing industry
Sha Zukang, former deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, believes that manufacturing in China must be green manufacturing and green manufacturing represents the future. Our country has the responsibility to work together with developed and developing countries to work toward green manufacturing. Although China has been chasing advanced technologies, the products manufactured in many areas in our country still fall short of the best in the world. In this regard, technological cooperation and respect for intellectual property rights are crucial to promoting the sustainable development of the global manufacturing industry. Here, businesses should be encouraged to be at the forefront of remanufacturing process reengineering and reworking, enabling reengineering and reprocessing of these manufacturing processes to be more collaborative, environmentally and socially sustainable, in particular recognized under the International Intellectual Property Framework Under the Chinese manufacturing will benefit from the cooperation.
Sha Zukang introduced that in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations set out concrete goals of industrialization and emphasized three important aspects that are crucial to international cooperation in green manufacturing. First, to strengthen scientific research and improve the technological capabilities of all industrial sectors in all countries, especially in developing countries. Secondly, to promote sustainable and resilient infrastructure in developing countries through financial, technical and technological support to African countries, the underdeveloped countries, the landlocked developing countries and the small island developing States. Thirdly, to support domestic technological development, research and innovation in developing countries, including ensuring a policy environment conducive to industrial pluralism and added value to commodities.
Sha Zu-kang emphasized that the development of civilization benefited from scientific and technological cooperation. The green development of manufacturing industry also benefited from science and technology and leveraging on international cooperation in an effort to build China's manufacturing industry into a green manufacturing industry by 2025. Miao Wande, president of the U.S. Information Industry Agency, expressed his gratitude to MIIT for leading the Internet in Industry 4.0 and the cooperation between China and the United States in the industrial Internet or in smart manufacturing. The future needs to be further stepped up in this regard and is Multi-faceted cooperation projects, including industry, government and research institutes, have been actively involved in creating an enabling environment conducive to advanced manufacturing and development.
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China and Britain jointly create "golden age" of industrial cooperation
■ China Industry News reporter Meng Fanjun
In October 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the United Kingdom. Both countries issued the Joint Declaration on Building a Global All-round Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century, opening a lasting, open and win-win China-UK relationship. "Gold era". On November 7, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out at the "Made in China 2025" International Cooperation Forum at the 19th China International Exposition that the strategic leadership of the leaders of the two countries , China-UK relations are developing in an all-round and positive direction. China is ready to strengthen cooperation in the fields of science, technology, trade and investment with the United Kingdom, strengthen strategic cooperation and pragmatic cooperation in the industrial field and inject strong force into the "golden age" of China-UK relations Impetus to contribute to enhancing the vitality of global trade and investment and the world manufacturing industry.
Xin Guobin pointed out that manufacturing is the main body of the real economy and the most dynamic area for scientific and technological innovation. At present, a new round of technological and industrial revolution characterized by a new generation of information technology and manufacturing industries is under way. Governments of all countries attach great importance to and take active measures to take all kinds of effective measures to seize the commanding height of industrial development for the benefit of enterprises And the people. In this regard, China and Britain share similar views and many consensuses. For example, Britain proposed the "North Rejuvenation Plan" and the strategy for the development of modern industries. The purpose is to maintain and strengthen the competitive edge of advanced manufacturing industries and create new economic growth points.
Xin Guobin introduced that in 2015, the Chinese government released "Made in China 2025", a program of action set forth by China to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the improvement of quality and efficiency. The "Made in China 2025" put forward the guidelines of "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented". It will implement the construction of manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation Based on the development trend of the world industry and China's national conditions, it has clearly defined ten key areas such as the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles.
Britain is the birthplace of the first industrial revolution and has a long history of industrial development and a solid industrial strength. It is also an important cooperative partner for China's industrial development. The emphasis China and Britain attach to advanced manufacturing industry has laid a solid foundation for industrial cooperation between the two countries. Solid foundation. Xin Guobin said that 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Britain. At this important node, the United Kingdom will be the guest of honor for this year's Expo and co-host the forum of guest nations in Britain with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. This will help both parties to jointly create the "golden age" of industrial cooperation. I sincerely hope that friends from the business community, research community and academia in both China and Britain will work together to find concrete solutions to strengthening China-UK manufacturing cooperation and create more cooperation highlights. Taking the pragmatic achievements of industrial cooperation as the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Britain Written a touch of color.
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