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Develop advanced manufacturing to strengthen the real economy

Develop advanced manufacturing to strengthen the real economy

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The construction of a modern economic system is the strategic goal put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress.
The construction of a modern economic system is the strategic goal put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress. The report of the 19th NPC pointed out: "The focus of economic development must be placed on the real economy." How to deepen the supply-side structural reforms and put the focus of economic development on the real economy has become the main direction of current economic construction.
In response, Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology, explained that manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, the main battlefield of technological innovation, and an important area of ​​supply-side structural reform. Miao Wei said that it is necessary to profoundly understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic thinking on developing the real economy, especially the advanced manufacturing industry. According to the overall requirements and strategic plan of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, speeding up the pace of building a powerful nation and accelerating the realization of economic development from a quantity and Scale expansion to improve the quality and effectiveness of change.
New journey Manufacturing is the point of development
Why the party's 19 major report emphasizes the development of real economy, in particular, to develop advanced manufacturing? At present, the global economic development has entered a period of deep readjustment, the digital economy, the shared economy and the industrial cooperation are reshaping the traditional real economy. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing transformation and development Concept, adjust the imbalance structure, the key node of restructuring competitive advantage. "
"Manufacturing is the foundation of the country, rejuvenating the country and building a strong nation. Advanced manufacturing is the most important part and is increasingly becoming the focus of all countries." According to Qin Hailin, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute, China We are heading toward the center of the world arena. The concept of China, the wisdom of China and the China program are increasingly attracting global attention. China's advanced manufacturing industry, which represents the new image of the country, places higher demands on it. Advanced manufacturing demonstrates the overall national strength and core competitiveness of the country and shoulders the heavy task of transforming the old and the new kinetic energy in China's manufacturing industry. It is also an important starting point for China to move from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power and an engine of "accelerating running" for China's economy It is also the leading force in the future economic development in the world.
Xu Zhaoyuan, director of the Research Department of the Industrial Economics Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, told Economic Daily reporters that the development of advanced manufacturing industry is an important way for "improving the quality of the supply system" in our country. The economy in our country has shifted from the stage of rapid growth to the stage of high-quality development . The number of products in many industries has basically met the needs of the community. Many industries are still facing the problem of overcapacity. However, high-quality and high value-added products are still far from adequate. At the same time, the development of advanced manufacturing industry is also a requirement for building a modern and powerful nation. Only when all countries have a place in the advanced, frontier and high value-added manufacturing industries can they grasp the right of discourse in the development of the industry to achieve high output and high efficiency in order to build manufacturing Powerful country.
"The development of advanced manufacturing industry is also a requirement to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry. The large-scale and uneven manufacturing in our country and the breakthrough in advanced manufacturing industry can provide learning examples for more low-skill and manufacturing industries to upgrade at an accelerated pace. , China's manufacturing industry already has a fairly complete basis for the development of advanced manufacturing in our country has created good conditions. "Xu Zhaoyuan further explained.
The new goal of quality and efficiency is the key
In the new era, advanced manufacturing industry places greater emphasis on quality and efficiency. Qin Hailin said that in the new era, the advanced manufacturing industry pays more attention to scientific and technological innovation, drives the development strategy with innovation, speeds up the integration of "manufacturing technology + information technology", and enhances the digitization, networking and intelligence. It pays more attention to solve the problem of inadequate manufacturing Balance the issue, "both to Jinshan Silver Hill, but also to the green mountains" to speed up the manufacturing industry "cornering overtaking" to achieve green manufacturing transformation; competitive advantage is the number of low-cost advantage to the manufacturing capacity that is quality and effectiveness of change, More technical advantages.
China's advanced manufacturing industry has emerged a number of beautiful "Chinese business cards" - the world's first quantum science experimental satellite "Mozi", the world's fastest supercomputer "Shenwei · Light of the Taihu Lake ", reaching the world's advanced high-speed rail" Fuxing "... ...
"Although China's manufacturing industry is now in the third tier, the advanced manufacturing industry is gaining momentum and is gradually becoming the main driving force for industrial economic growth. A number of leading enterprises with international competitiveness have emerged and some areas have become Global technology standards makers. "Zhongcheng think-tank senior vice president Wei Yu-huai said.
However, it should be noted that advanced manufacturing is not just a new industry or a high-tech industry. Xu Zhaoyuan emphasized that advanced manufacturing refers to industries with high-tech and high added-value features that are of great significance to the promotion of the entire industry. For example, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy technologies, new materials, biomedicine, robots, etc. In addition, After manufacturing industry fully absorbs advanced manufacturing technology, especially information technology and intelligent manufacturing technology, it can become an advanced manufacturing industry.
For example, with the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment, some modern textile enterprises have been transformed into advanced manufacturing enterprises. In the Luthai Textile product exhibition area, the new technology is applied to the shirt, new material is amazing: the shirt without any trace of needlework is called "perfect"; dripped in a tomato sauce shirt, rinse with water for a while trace……
"Although we are in the traditional textile industry, we have been making great efforts to develop advanced manufacturing industries. The spirit of the 19 th National Congress of the Party reinforces our determination to continue developing advanced manufacturing and building a strong industrial enterprise." General Manager, Luthai Textile Co., Ltd. Liu Zhibin told Economic Daily reporter that over the years, Luthai's "multi-functional shirt" and "seamless shirt" and many other new technologies and new products have filled the gaps in the industry, and have revolutionized textile technology and promoted the progress of the entire industry. At the same time, Luthai also focus on intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to create a flexible and personalized intelligent manufacturing platform, vigorously promote the textile, dyeing and finishing, garment equipment from automation to intelligent, humane upgrade and establish a production process covering the entire production Smart factory, greatly improving the production efficiency and quality stability.
The new path will speed up the integration of development in depth
The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC stressed that accelerating the building of a powerful nation and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industries should promote the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. On October 30, the State Council executive meeting passed the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" in Developing Industrial Internet. In response, Qin Hailin explained that the core of advanced manufacturing industry is the new generation of information technology and traditional manufacturing depth of integration. Internet, big data and artificial intelligence are important starting points for making profound changes in manufacturing mode, production organization mode and industrial form, and are the core of realizing the high efficiency and high precision of the real economy.
"For a long time in the future, the integration of informatization and industrialization will bring about tremendous market space and is an important front for the gaming of major industries." Miao Wei said that it is necessary to firmly grasp the direction of smart manufacturing, vigorously implement intelligent manufacturing engineering and concentrate on Capture the key technical equipment, foster intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. We will comprehensively promote the industrialization and information integration management system and enhance the basic capabilities of information technology services such as industrial software so as to support enterprises to speed up their digital, networked and intelligent transformation. We will deepen the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and actively cultivate a new model of "Internet plus manufacturing" such as networked collaboration, personalized customization, online value-added services and shared manufacturing. Implement the strategy of innovation and development of industrial internet, speed up the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, and build three systems of network, platform and security to seize the initiative and voice in the development of the digital economy.
Haier Group has been regarded as "Internet + manufacturing" a model of the depth of integration. For example, Haier's first COSMO Industrial Internet of Things platform can not only meet the user's demand for smart products, but also allow users to participate in the whole process of the product and create a personalized user experience. On October 30, Haier Group released the Zhihui Cloud platform strategy again. With the "one man and one" management mode as the core, Haier Group systematically shared the small and medium-sized Haier internal and ecological resources with China through "cloud +" real economy Micro-manufacturing enterprises. Zhang Ruimin, chairman and chief executive officer of Haier Group's board of directors, said that for Haier, to develop advanced manufacturing industry is to vigorously promote the experience economy and economy of sharing in the era of Internet of Things so as to create a better life experience for users.
Xu Zhaoyuan stressed that all countries should strictly guard against the most advanced technologies and find it hard to take the path of introducing and digesting and absorbing. To develop advanced manufacturing industry in our country, we must mainly rely on the former Innovation.
In Weichai Group's production workshop, Bing Xian flywheel intelligent tightening unit, Fu Liang flywheel automatic tightening unit, Yingjie fully automatic 8-axis cylinder head screw tightening machine ... ... one by employee named smart device unit has attracted the reporter's note. The original unit of these units are Weichai front-line staff of the innovative transformation, the effect is very good, in addition to naming the spirit of reward, employees can get huge material rewards. Wang Yong, deputy party secretary and discipline inspection commission of Weichai Group, told reporters that the 19th National Congress of the Party proposed to speed up the development of advanced manufacturing. We think China's advanced manufacturing industry should rely on independent innovation and stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation of every employee. Weichai is relying on independent innovation as a global leader in diesel power, and now in the transition to a new energy power leader. Weichai plans to invest 50 billion yuan in the future construction of Shandong's largest new energy power industry park, build a one hundred billion level of Weichai.
"To implement the requirement of" speeding up the process of building a powerful nation and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industries, "we must thoroughly implement the concept of new development when developing the real economy, stick to the principle of" quality first, efficiency first, supply-side structural reform as the main line, and vigorously implement "Made in China 2025" to promote the spirit of nails and build an industrial system that forms a coordinated development of the real economy, technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources. "
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