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DH10 series of horizontal forging and upsetting machines with vertical die splitting

DH10 vertical die forging machine is a medium forging machine which is improved on the technical basis of the American Ajax National Machinery Company. The equipment is composed of two sets of mechanisms, which can be used to drive upsetting punch and die clamping mechanism. The two sets of mechanisms move according to the scheduled movement rule, and can meet the working cycle requirements. The upsetting slider has a long guiding device, which can bear large eccentricity load and adapt to multi-cavity forging. The clamping mechanism that drives the die has an overload protection device, so as to prevent overload damage in the clamping process. The forging machine has wide application performance, which is special equipment for forging extended special-shaped workpieces. The application range can be from 200mm-2 to 3m, which all can be produced, so as to solve the blank of not producing super-long workpieces for the users. The equipment has wide application range, which is an ideal equipment for the production of various extended hot forgings, such as socket tools, valve rods, bevel gear extension bolt spherical workpieces, half-axles, etc. The product has low price and convenient maintenance, is sturdy and durable, the cost is 1/3 of imported equipment, DH10 forging machine adopts the control system with PLC as the core, and the humanized design of automatic lubrication system is approved by the forging industry.
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Address: West Outer Ring

Industry Park, Western

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