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J31 series closed of hot die forging presses



J31 closed hot forging press has a wide applicability, is a special equipment for forging, trimming, punching, rough forging, automotive parts, standard parts, nuts and special-shaped forgings, also can be used for blanking, stretching, bending of various components and other technologies, which is an ideal model of the current domestic forging industry. The machine is equipped with special upper and lower material returning devices, so as to meet the requirements of forging process and save money for users. The machine adopts steel plate welding structure, and tempering treatment, which has strong rigidity, no deformation. The machine adopts steel helical gear for rotation, which has stable operation, low noise, and is not easy to damage gear. A pneumatic traction clutch with double rotors is adopted, which has portable operation, impact resistance, and also can effectively overcome the rebound phenomenon in stamping. The model above 160 tons is equipped with double balancers, which can effectively balance the weight of the slider and the upper die, reduce the impact noise and prevent the slider from falling. The collapse protector is easy to be replaced. Manual or automatic lubrication system can be optionally equipped according to user requirements. The machine is equipped with an electric die adjusting device, which saves time and energy, and improves the efficiency.
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Address: West Outer Ring

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